After the 20th Ordinary General Assembly ...

31 Mayıs 2018 Perşembe

The Ordinary General Assembly has been announced ...

TSIC 20th Ordinary General Assembly Report

Dear Members,

The TSIC 20th Ordinary General Assembly was held on May 26, 2018 on Saturday at the Istanbul Turkish Society of Intensive Care Center.

At our 20th Ordinary General Meeting


These Honourable Mermbers were chosen as.

Prof. Dr. Nahit Çakar - Chairman of the Council
Prof. Dr. Hulya Ulusoy - Member
Prof. Dr. Güldem Turan – Member

During the General Assembly May 29, 2016 - May 26, 2018;

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uyar - President
Prof. Dr. Necmettin Ünal - II. President
Prof. Dr. Işıl Özkoçak Turan - Secretary General
Associate Professor. Tuğhan Utku - Accountant
Prof. Dr. Ismail Cinel - Member
Spc. Dr Zafer Cukurova - Member
Prof. Dr. Yavuz Demiraran – Member

They were presented with the activity reports of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board they were in charge of, and were castrated by the voting assembly as a result of the voting.

20th Ordinary General Assembly Result 26 May 2018 - The 2020 Board of Directors, Discipline Committee, Supervising Council has been formed as follows.


Prof. Dr. Ismail Cinel

Vice President
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uyar

Asst. Associate Professor. Beliz Bilgili

Prof. Dr. Levent Döşemeci

Prof. Dr. Lale Karabıyık
Prof. Dr. Oktay Demirkıran
Prof. Dr. Necati Gökmen


Discipline Committee

Prof. dr. Lütfi Telci
Prof. dr. Huseyin Öz
Prof. dr. Ercument Yentur


Supervising Council

Associate Professor. Canan Balcı
Prof. dr. Azize Beştaş
Prof. dr. Seval İzdeş


We present to your information.

TSIC Board of Directors